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We work with a wide variety of clients in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy and surrounding areas, in all stages of web site creation.  From an idea scribbled on a napkin to a fully developed business plan, we have the expertise to turn it into an attention grabbing, engaging website.

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Our sites play nice with others

Not all web browsers will display your website the same!  This is why we take the time to test your website in a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google's Chrome.  We can even help by making your site look great on mobile devices too! Take a look at the websites we've created for our current clients.

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Siteboxpro's Features and Benefits

We offer more than just web design

During our 10 year history of designing and maintaining web sites for our clients in Sugar Land, Katy and greater Houston we have discovered there are a number of things in common. At its core, a page is a page, text is text and a graphic is a graphic. Siteboxpro gives you total control over all of these without composing your site's look and feel, and more importantly without you having to become a web designer or hire one!

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Content Management Features

  • Update your site from ANY computer
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • eCommerce with unlimited product support
  • Supports video, mp3, JQuery, Flash, Podcasts and more
  • Cross-browser compatible (IE, Firefox\Mozilla, Chrome & others)
  • No software or plug-ins to install or manage
  • Additional features for advanced users (scripting, customer CSS)
  • Unlimited email support
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