Our Website Design Process

The advantage to working with a team of real people and professional designers is that you never feel lost. During the entire web design process we will keep you informed.

The Steps to expect from Siteboxpro

  1. Planning Your Website

    • We sit down with you to get an idea of what your goals are, what you expect from your website and help you organize your content. At this stage we will help develop a site map and designate content gathering responsibilities.
  2. Designing Your Website

    • With the information gathered from the planning meeting, we will begin to develop several design concepts or mockups. These mockups will be a crafted, graphical representation of what the site will look like.
  3. Website Construction

    • Once a design concept is approved we move to the construction stage, which turns the Photoshop mockup into XHTML and CSS (a real, clickable web page)
  4. Staging

    • Once we have the bulk of your pages created we will place your new website in our staging or production environment. This allows you review and test your website as it will look and function as if live all in a safe, non-public area. Only you can access this "workspace" and no pages go "live" without your approval.
  5. Tweak Your Design and Website

    • With your feed back from the testing stage we make any necessary adjusts to your site and move forward to launching your new site.
  6. Launch your Website

    • We move all necessary files from our staging are to our production server, connect it to your domain name and your site is LIVE!